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Antrim –
Belfast Town (2)
Cork –
Did you neer hear of the Blarney
Armagh –
Drowning of Young Robinson
Offaly –
Bold doubtful news

18 May 2017  – 891 song lyrics

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I began collecting and recording ‘County Songs’ in late 1980′s;  abandoned it soon afterwards and resurrected it again in 2012.  To date, I have recorded 28 County albums and have two more on the way.  At 75 years  old, it’s a race against time to complete the 32 albums before the Grim Reaper has his wicked way with me.  I have a further 30 – 40 county song lyrics which I will be adding soon. Reg 1

Reg Keating

This Week’s Song

James Connolly  -   James Connolly was propped up in a chair and blindfolded before his execution on 12 May 1916. Father Aloysius, the priest attending the execution said to Connolly: ‘Will you forgive these men who are about to shoot you?’ Connolly replied: ‘I respect all brave men who do their duty’. James-Connolly More…

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Easter Rising Civil War War of Independence

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Peadar Kearney  –  Peadar Kearney (12 December 1883 – 24 November 1942) is most famous for his lyrics to “The Soldier’s Song(“Amhrán na bhFiann”),  now the Irish national anthem. More…

This month’s Song Collector

John Edward Pigott - John Edward Pigott (1822–1871), music collector, was born in Kilworth, Co. Cork. He became friendly with Thomas Davis of the Young Ireland movement. They published advertisements in The Nation asking those who had Irish tunes to send them in. This started the Pigott Collection More…