Ireland Today

Balladeers were the journalists and newspapermen of the past. They carried stories from town to town and chronicled news of the day. How times have changed !  Even the good and great newspapers of recent decades are under threat from twitter and internet blogging. Television is instant news - seen and quickly forgotten. How many remember the bra burning women who took the train to Belfast to buy rubbers in defiance of contraception laws ? Such events were meat and drink to balladeers of a bygone era. Must Christy Moore and Pete St. John stand alone as bards of our time ?  What about the Kerry Babies saga and Anne Lovett of Granard ? Surely Eamon Casey and Michael Cleary have the makings of a ballad between them. The mystery of Shergar merits a line or two. It's happening all around us all the time. This is a call for melodic and rhyming sagacity that will last into future generations