Love and romance

Love songs have been around for centuries. They are found in every culture and every society. Love song writers have explored every conceivable lyrical twist to woo the boy or girl of their dreams. They paint images of ecstacy, despair, rejection, elation, and all emotions known to man.

Irish love songs are not your everyday happy-ever-after love songs. They are more likely to be in the girl loses boy to the sea or war class, or boys infatuation with the flower or rose from here or there. None-the-less, for all that, they are still love songs.

While the list below is extensive, there is an even longer list of of songs by Irishmen singing about love of country, homeland, town or village, or even their darling 'oul mother. And they say Irishmen are romantic !! Maybe it's true that love is a misunderstanding between two fools.