Siege of Derry

The Siege of Derry lasted from 18 April to 28 July 1689, during the Williamite War in Ireland. Derry was then a Williamite stronghold. The Jacobite army under King James reached Derry on 18 April. The King rode to Bishop's Gate and asked the city to surrender. He was rebuffed, and some of the city's defenders fired at him. This marked the beginning of the siege. Cannon and mortar fire were exchanged, and disease took hold within the city.

Royal Navy warships arrived in Lough Foyle on 11 June, but failed to smash through the floating barriers across the River Foyle at Culmore. On 28 July, three armed merchant ships eventually broke through, letting the fleet sail upriver and relieve the city.
The city had endured 105 days of siege during which some 8000 people of a population of 30,000 were said to have died.