Anna from Fermanagh


He lived all along up in county Tyrone
He had forty acres with cattle
As he struggled through life, with no child or no wife
Life sure was one hell of a battle
So he thought would go, to oul matchmaker Joe
And ask about Mary McKenna
When he heard she got wed, the matchmaker said
Sure there’s lots of fine girls in Fermanagh

And we sing
Eoin, he loves Anna from the County Fermanagh
Ah sure Anna loves Eoin as well
As they drove up and down, doing laps round the town
They were madly in love, you could tell
On the day they got wed, the preacher he said
Do ya take her to love and to honour ?
I’d swim every lake, Eoin said for her sake
And there’s plenty of lakes in Fermanagh

Well, first there was Sue, she came from Belcoo
He thought it was Sue he might marry
But her father had dam disapproved of the plan
So Eoin left Belcoo in a hurry
There was Maggie McPete, she came from Beleek
He thought he would dance her and dine her
But at the disco one night, he got such a fright
When her teeth shone like fine Beleek China

On the day he met Ann, in her little white van
He stood in the street all alone
It was in Enniskillen, she said she was willin’
To marry this man from Tyrone
Now they both have a son, and his name is John
The girls are called Maeve and Alannah
And oul Joe was right, when he told him that night
That he’d meet his sweetheart in Fermanagh


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Song Themes

Love and romance