Armagh women


In Black Armagh of the Goddess Macha
Last February in the grey cold jail
The Governor Scott in his savage fury
Came down to break the women’s will
Forty jailers, my forty jailers
From the hell of Long Kesh came down
And help me break these warrior women

The forty jailers put on their armour
Strapped on their helmets, took up their shields
Then they beat the Armagh women, they beat them down
They were sure they’d yield
Three days, he kept them locked up in darkness
Locked up in filth you would not believe
When he released them, he was so conceited
That one and all, he thought they would yield

If you have suffered, he smilingly said
It never happened, it was all just a dream
Come out, come out and obey my orders
But the Armagh women, they would never yield
They’d never yield to Scott, the governor
They’d never yield till they broke him down
He and his jailers were all locked in prison
By the women of Armagh jail

And there they remain, those warrior women
Locked up in filth you would not believe
They hold Scott and his warders powerless
They hold them there, they’ll never concede
Women of Ireland, stand up and declare
Women of Ireland, understand your power
Make us see that together we’ll do it
We’ll tumble down their stone grey tower


Written by┬áMargaret D’Arcy and sung by Christy Moore


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The Troubles