Ashbourne RIC


Who fears to speak of Easter Week in nineteen and sixteen
When Ireland downed the Union Jack to fly the flag of green
While Dublin was engulfed in flames, nearby in County Meath
The Fingal Volunteers, they showed all others how to lead

When Cork and Tipperary did not respond at all
And Pearse’s call fell silent on the hills of Donegal
Rebels boys from Fingal were the bravest of them all
And the Ashbourne RICĀ surrendered

With sixty men was Thomas Ashe, a leader to inspire
Through raids at Donabate and Swords, their arms they did aquire
The RIC at Ashbourne out-numbered them by three
But still the barracks fell to Ashe’s fight for liberty

The RIC at Ashbourne, the surrender flag did wave
As reinforcements came from Slane, the barracks for to save
District Inspector Harry Smyth arrived to take the view
But was shot by Frankie Lawless and then Slane surrendered too

The ancient Hall of Tara and the royal Hill of Slane
Rejoiced to see Brittania humbled on its fertile plain
Saint Patrick lit the Pascal Fire for all the world to see
Then rebels lit a bonfire that would set old Ireland free


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Easter Rising


Reg Keating