Bachelors from Drumsna


I come from the sweet County Kerry
In a little place there called Tralee
I once took the notion to marry
But no Kerry man would have me
I decided to travel to Leitrim
‘twas on the advice of my ma
I asked where I’d get the best pickings
And she told me to try in Drumsna

I arrived there one Wednesday evening
‘tis the night the Observer comes in
I took lodgings down by the Shannon
And I went out to look at the men
As I entered the busiest bar-room
The men were all lined at the bar
‘twas there I got my very first look
At the bachelors from Drumsna

I went over and sat by the window
And a gentleman sat beside me
He said “my name, it is Johnny”
Sure I said mine was Mary Magee
He told me that he was not married
Had a house and some acres of land
I said to myself “sure he’ll do me
This Drumsna man will do me grand”

I met him again the next morning
He came for me on his bike
We walked all the way to his farm
And everything seemed just right
As we came to the door of his mansion
‘twas opened up by his ma
And I knew right then why this poor man
Was a bachelor from Drumsna

Next morning I met with another
A polka-dot shirt he had on him
He seemed like a very good prospect
And he looked just like Daniel O’Donnell
He told me he was a musician
And got first for a tune at the Fleadh
But sure then he announced he was married
And he lived with his wife in Drumsna

I decided to give up my search then
And I went down and sat by the quay
As I gazed at the beautiful Shannon
A gentleman sat beside me
He said “if you’re willing to take me
I’m willing to be your man
I have nothing in this world to offer
No money, no house and no land”

Well I took him up on his offer
And I ran with him back to Tralee
I showed him a new way of working
He put his nose to the grindstone for me
We now have a family of eleven
And they all look up to their da
And I know that I got the pick of
The Bachelors from Drumsna


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