Ballad of Ballinamore


Leitrim is a very funny place sir, a strange and troubled land
All the boys are in the IRA sir, all the women in Cumann na Ban
Every tractor has a Nicky Kelly sticker displayed for all to see
Sure, it was no wonder that the Gardai made a blunder
Sez your man from RTE

Every bird upon my word is singing “I’m a rebel” sir, up in Mohill sir
Every hen indeed is laying hand grenades
I do declare sir, in Dromahair sir
Every crock of a Leitrim cock is longing to be free
Even sheep are advising, there’ll be another risin’
Sez your man from RTE

Today Tonight went to Ballinamore sir, they were briefed by the Gardai
On the video, they showed to them the Provos ‘atin curry and drinking tea
The were all wearin’ Russian balaclavas, each carried an RPG
British scalps around their tummy, pockets full of stolen money
Sez your man from RTE

Leitrim is seething with sedition, it’s Sinn Fein through and through
All the task force have joined the local unit, the post office is the GHQ
They’ve a race-track underground for training Shergar
“No comment” is all they’ll say to me
Subversion here is bubblin’ oh, please take me back to Dublin
Sez your man from RTE

Oh the other day I travelled down the road sir, and spied in an old boreen
Such a bunch of Fenians there sir, dressed in orange white and green
The IRA sent me a time bomb in the mail
So be Jasus and begorrah, I’ll be gettin’ out tomorrow
Sez your man from RTE


Written by Fintan Valley


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