Ballinasloe Fair


When I was a young lad my dad said to me
‘Son, come along to the horse fair with me
Up in the morning, away we will go
And we’ll take the long road to Ballinasloe’
We set out at daybreak in the cool October air
We met the Travelling People all going to the fair
We then went though Kilreekil, it wasn’t far to go,
To reach the town of Aughrim that made history long ago
We jogged along through Brackenagh on the outskirts of the Fair
We then went down through Dunlo Street into the Market Square
It was here we saw the horse dealers busy at their trade
There were horses by the hundred, of every hue and shade

There were grass horses, race horses, cobs and hunters too
And Connemara ponies but they were very few
And we heard the ballad singers, singing songs of long ago
For it’s here they all had gathered for the Fair at Ballinasloe

And as we moved around the square, we saw the famous ring
It’s there they were performing the crowning of the King
We heard him make his speeches and he being very proud
As he stepped down from the platform, to the cheering of the crowd
But times have changed a bit today, the system now exists
He’s chosen now by voting instead of by the fist
The Travelling People’s practice in the days long, long ago
Was to fight it out in battle for the King of Ballinasloe
And then to Maggie May’s we went for a jar or two of stout
The women in their Galway shawls, the men in hobnail boots
The atmosphere was jolly with the fiddles and the flutes

And then my father said, ‘we’ve had enough to drink
So hop into the ass and cart, we’ll head for home I think’
We set out on the road again, ’twas far away to go
But I never will forget about the Fair of Ballinasloe


Song Clip