Ballyliffin Town


Ballyliffin fair with a bracing air down near the briney sea
From the Blarney Stone to Inishowen there’s none so fair as thee
For heather blooms with sweet perfume across the moorlands brown
It bedecks the many lofty peaks near Ballyliffin Town

Pollen Strand with silvery sand is lovely to behold
The rolling tide from the ocean wide her secrets to unfold
While breakers roar into the shore like thunder they crash down
And they splash beneath my native heath near Ballyliffin Town

Glasheady Isle stands out a mile all covered by the spray
The sea birds chant on this rocky haunt in lovely Pollan Bay
The wild geese call above them all they fly with feathery down
On a winter’s night they pass in flight near Ballyliffin Town

On Malin Head the primrose spread to the screaming of the gull
The guiding light to pierce the night from lonely Inishtrahull
The rugged wild of the Emerald Isle is famed by renown
Oh the saints have blessed my rocky crest near Ballyliffin Town

Oh Binnion Hill I roam at will it’s you I do adore
We can sure boast this craggy coast of Erin’s northern shore
You may highly praise your western braes or sing of the County Down
But they’ll never excel my heather dell near Ballyliffin Town


Collected and recorded by the Inishowen Traditional Singers’ Circle (main performer - Packie McGonigle)

Song Clip