Ballyneety’s walls


The moon was bright o’er Limerick and everything was still
It was for the foe in ambush, we lay beside the hill
Like lions bold we waited to dash upon our prey
As we rode with Sarsfield at our head at the dawning of the day

From Dublin came the foreman with guns and warlike store
To take the town of Limerick, they wanted ten times more
But little was their dreaming that we would be their doom
As we rode with Sarsfield at our head right down from wild Slieve Bloom

At the lonely hour of midnight, each man leapt on his steed
And through the town of Cullen we dashed with lightning speed
And o’er the hill we thundered towards Ballyneety’s walls
Where lay the foe securely with guns and arms and all

They asked for our password and Sarsfield was the man
‘Oh here I am’ our General cried as down on them we ran
Oh had we bridged the firmament, the moon and stars gave light
And for the Battle of the Boyne, we had revenge that night

Loud laughed our General as fast we rode away
And many’s the health we drank to him in Limerick town next day.
Here’s a health to old Sarsfield who led us one and all
We blew up the Royal artillery at Ballyneety’s walls


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Siege of Limerick