Banna Strand


‘Twas on Good Friday morning, all in the month of May
A German Ship was signalling, beyond out in the bay
We had twenty thousand rifles all ready for to land
But no answering signal did come from the lonely Banna Strand

“No signal answers from the shore” Sir Roger sadly said
“No comrades here to meet me, alas, they must be dead
But I must do my duty and at once I mean to land”
So in a small boat rowed ashore on the lovely Banna Strand

Now the R.I.C. were hunting for Sir Roger high and low,
They found him in McKenna’s fort; said they “You are our foe”
Said he: “I’m Roger Casement, I came to my native land
I mean to free my countrymen on the lonely Banna Strand”

They took Sir Roger prisoner and sailed for London town
And in the Tower they laid him, a traitor to the Crown
Said he “I am no traitor” but his trial he had to stand
For bringing German rifles to the lonely Banna Strand

‘Twas in an English prison that they led him to his death
“I’m dying for my country” he said with his last breath
They buried him in British soil far from his native land
And the wild waves sing his requiem on the lonely Banna Strand

They took Sir Roger home again In the year of ’65
And with his comrades of ’16, in peace and tranquil lies
His last fond wish, it is fulfilled for to lie in his native land
And the waves will roll in peace again on the lonely Banna Strand

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