Barney Hare


I am Barney Hare from the County Clare
In Ireland I was born, oh
I pawned me coat for to pay the boat
I landed here this morning

And when I landed on the quay
I found myself in danger
Some boys began to follow me
For they knew I was a stranger
Says one of them, “Give me that stick”
From me he tried to snatch it
I brought it down upon his crown
With a blow that made him scratch it

I walked in peace and quietness
Till I came to a big church steeple
Says a fellah to me “Take in your feet
Can’t you see you’re tripping the people?”
Says I to him “Give me none of your guff”
Says he “Give me none of your Blarney”
So I hit him a clout at the foot of the snout
And I says, “Remember Barney”

Now, I can dance an Irish jig
And a job of journey work, sir
I’ve got a heart as big as cart
I can plow the fields like Turks, sir
At the harvest fair, you’ll find me there
All the latest songs, I’ll sing, sir
I’m Barney Hare from the County Clare
I can make the rafters ring, sir

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