Battle of Carrickshock


You injured sons of this doleful nation
I pray, give ear to my joyful song
Poor Grainne’s sons, they are liberated
They broke the chains they bore so long
The whisp is kindled throughout the nation
To arm our heroes with pike and gun
They’ll pay no more the unjust taxation
Tithes are banished on Slievenamon

The wind a long time has been contrairy
‘Which caused poor Erin’s sons to be so sad
To see their lot in the hands of strangers
And no releasement for to be had
But just quite lately the wind turned fairly
A brisk gale throughout this nation ran
Which filled poor Papists with exultation
To meet at daylight on Slievenamon

May heaven prosper o’er sweet Knocktopher
No bard but Homer, your praise could chant
Your loyal natives, they fought victorious
No fire nor smoke did their courage daunt
We led a rabble along before them
Like wolves approaching a shepherd’s flock
In death’s cold anguish, we left them groaning
In the narrow bohreen of Carrickshock

Who could desire to see better sporting
Than to see them groping among the rocks
Their skulls all fractured and eyeballs broken
Their fine long noses and ears cut off
The police sergeant with heart so hardened
May thank his heels that so nimbly ran
But all that’s over is but a token
Of what we’ll show them on Slievenamon

When Luther planned out the Reformation
With cunning scheming he first began
He lit a candle that kept strongly blazing
And now ’tis fading, its power is done
Have you read the texts of the ancient sages
Down through the ages, since time began
That when the day comes, without a weapon
We’ll conquer legions on Slievenamon

The day of ransom, thank God is dated
And Tithes no more shall oppress the land
And now each stranger and vile invader
Shall feel the weight of each Irish hand
No vestry seizures or Tithe oppressors
We’ll banish them like in day long gone
We’ll free old Ireland from every traitor
Or die like heroes on Slievenamon

Now all our woes will be terminated
And all our Tithings are dead and gone
Poor Irish captives are liberated
All by the means of our lovely Dan
The tree of liberty, we’ll plant so stately
That ’twill not fade through the age of man
We’ll show true Catholics that Emancipation
Was truly gained on sweet Slievenamon

Tipperary 1

Songs of Tipperary


The Battle of Carrickshock was a confrontation between the Irish Constabulary and local Catholic peasantry near Carrickshock in County Kilkenny. It occurred on 14 December 1831 during the Tithe War. Seventeen were killed: 14 police officers attempting to collect tithes and three local peasants who confronted them.



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