Bay of Dublin


Bay of Dublin, my heart you’re troubling
Your beauty haunts me like a fevered dream
Like frozen fountains that the sun sets bubbling
My heart’s blood warms when I but hear your name
And never till this life pulse ceases
My earliest thoughts you’ll cease to be
Oh there’s no one here knows how fair that place is
And no one cares how dear it is to me

Sweet Wicklow mountains, the sunlight sleeping
On your green banks is a picture rare
You crowd around me like young girls peeping
And puzzling me to say which is most fair
As though you’d see your own sweet faces
Reflected in that smooth and silver sea
O! my blessing on those lovely places
Though no one cares how dear they are to me

How often when at work I’m sitting
And musing sadly on the days of yore
I think I see my Katey knitting
And the children playing round the cabin door
I think I see the neighbours’ faces
All gathered round, their long-lost friend to see
Oh though no one knows how fair that place is
Heaven knows how dear my poor home was to me


Written by Helen Selena, Lady Dufferin

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