Beautiful Glaslough


In the midst of old Ireland there stands a small village
That rivals the best you can find
Where beauty and friendship embrace one another
And troubles are left far behind
You can stand in the diamond and gaze at the buildings
Our forefathers built with their hands
But they’d never have guessed that one day they’d be blessed
With the loveliest spot in Ireland

Have you ever been to Glaslough in the evening
When the twilight sun was setting through the trees
Where the flowers and green grass grow, people stop, and say hello
Have you ever been to beautiful Glaslough

In the cools shades of morning before the sun rises
And the soft grass is covered in dew
Like a carpet of velvet beneath the fine hedgerows
That stretches away from your view
Take a walk through the village go down by the castle
Round by the old station then back
Where the sounds from the park were the children are playing
Is like the sweet song of a Lark


Glaslough, meaning ‘green lake’ is a village and townland in County Monaghan just 3 km below¬†the border with Northern Ireland.

This song was written in 1978 by Packie Mc Ghee in response to Glaslough’s overall win in the National Tidy Town Competition.


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