Behey Eviction


You gallant sons of Erin, I hope you will draw near
’tis of a sad eviction that you are going to hear
The Cavan Urban Council sent the Sheriff for to take
Possession of the engin house that stands by Behey Lake
The day of the eviction, the Sheriff he did land
Well guarded by a Cavan mob with rifles in their hands
He cowardly came a-marching in and thus to Joe did say
“We have a man that’s out of work, he’ll get your job today”

You must give up possession before I do go back
I am a man from Carson’s clan, the Council’s at my back
Some of them are Orangemen and loyal to the Crown
The rest of them are Liberals, the meanest men in town
’tis sad to say that very day, Joe handed up the key
And from his means of livelyhood, he had to walk away
He had for to surrender, his tools he did lay down
To accommodate a proddy who had moved to Cavan town

And Joe who was evicted, he was a country lad
Who always pumped a good supply, no fault with him they had
Then join with me and you will see, it was a great disgrace
To bring a grabber to the town and put him in his place
Next day the engine started and made the valley ring
A hundred feet into the air the water she did fling
Far over Pollock’s Folly you could see it in a cloud
And when she stopped to go no more, the people cried aloud

We will not have McCullogh here or Wellwood and his clan
So you may go and bring back Joe, he is the only man
And when he starts the engine up, the wheels they will fly round
We’ll never want for water more below in Cavan town
God help such men from making laws at home in College Green
Or plenty of such grabbers in Cavan will be seen
We’ll hoist our flag for liberty and sing of men renown
And Joe will make the water flow to dear old Cavan town