Biddy McGraw


I’ll tell you of a story that will give you a shock
About two murders on the Ringsend Dock
The person in question was Biddy McGraw
She strangled two sailors with the straps of her bra

Too rah hoo rah hah, fiddle dee da ra
too rah too rah too rah hah

They tried to get her drunk on neat corn liquor
But quick as they were, be Jaysus, she was quicker
She remembered being told by her Ma and Pa
To keep both hands on the straps of her bra

So she wrapped those straps around the big sailor’s head
She threw him in the river like a crust of bread
The small sailor laughed and he said “Haw Haw”
So she stuffed his gob with the rest of her bra

She went home that night ’bout a quarter to one
Happy and contented with a job well done
She told her story to her Ma and Pa
They said,”Thanks be to Jaysus you were wearing yer bra”

Now all you ladies who go walking at night
Don’t keep the straps of yer bra too tight
Remember the story of Biddy McGraw
And keep both yer hands on the straps of yer bra


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