Blackbird of Mullaghmore


Come all ye gay young fellows that wander by this way
If you call in for to have a glass, there’s a reckoning you must pay
I’ll supply you with a good friend, and your cheques’ll join encore
And you’ll see my blackbird clocking on the hills of Mullaghmore

Well, it’s for your loyal blackbird; she’s the best of game
Her off-spring are well proven in America, France and Spain
Her cheque has gained her credit upon many a foreign shore
And now she’s sitting clocking on the hills of Mullaghmore

Well, it’s for your loyal blackbire; they didn’t use her well
And the hardship she underwent, no mortal man can tell
When her cage door was opened, they rushed them in a score
And they stopped my blackbird from clocking on the hills of Mullaghmore

So our blackbird’s going to leave us now, which grieves the neighbours all
And I hope she’ll have good fortune until on her we do call
She’s going over yonder mountain for to nest in a fine still
And she’ll spend her summer season at the foot of Sheep hill

And our blackbird’s comig home again but not to the same place
And I hope your friends and neighbours will not bring her to disgrace
And the lovely lark and linnet and the trush will join encore
For to welcome home our blackbird to the hills of Mullaghmore

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Mullaghmore is a townland on the slopes of Mourne in County Down. The blackbird in this song is an illicit whiskey still which has to be moved around to avoid detection.

Clip – Reg Keating



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