Blood-stained bandage


A cold May morning was breaking over Dublin’s dreary town
Sixteen brave men have fallen to the rifles of the crown
Because they loved their country and served it night and day
Before they faced those rifles this is what those boys did say

Take away the blood-stained bandage from off an Irish brow
We fought and bled for Ireland and will not shirk it now
We have held in her struggle, in answer to her call
And because we sought to free her, we are placed against a wall

Ned Daly, Heuston, Colbert, Mac Donagh and Mac Bride
Mac Dermott and the brothers Ceannt, with Clarke and Plunkett died
Mick Mallin, Pat and Willy Pearse, O’Hanrahan and Kent
And last of all James Connolly, this message to them sent


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Easter Rising