Blooming flower of Grange


It was in the blooming summer time
When fields and meadows are in their prime
To take the air, I was inclined
And carelessly did range
Where primrose pale and violets blue
And daisies o’er the meadows grew
My onward course I did pursue
‘til I arrived in Grange.

It was there I spied a neat abode
A sunny cottage by the road
Wherein a damsel sat and sowed
Whose beauty would change
Man’s darkest sorrow into bliss
Had he a moment to caress,
And through life’s journey to possess
The Blooming Flower of Grange

Her eyes, they glittered like the stars
That we call Mercury and Mars
Or those bright comets from afar
In their celestial reign
Heaven above was a glorious sight
And the moon shone down its beaming light
For to illume this beauty bright
The Blooming Flower of Grange.

Her amber locks, in ringlets thick
Flowed freely round her soft white neck
And the rose that bloomed upon her cheek
No winter wind could change
In sudden raptures of delight
I then approached this beauty bright
And my heart was stopped at the first sight
Of the Blooming Flower of Grange

I said my blooming flower fair
If you affection with me share
I solemnly now do declare
Your state I wish to change
While life shall animate thy breast
I’ll love respect and I’ll do my best
For to keep your gentle mind at rest
My Blooming Flower of Grange.

Kind sir, she said, your offer’s good
And I would embrace it if I could
Although I feel my parents would
Our union disarrange
Though eighteen summers I have seen
A lover yet I have not been
Therefore I cannot be your queen
Said the Blooming Flower of Grange

‘tis sad my love for to say farewell
And the pain I feel, no tongue can tell
Those heavy thoughts, I can’t dispel
That through my bosom reign
All for the want of free consent
I’m doomed in exile to repent
And all through life I will lament
For the day I came to Grange

Young man, she said, your worries subdue
For since I find you really true
Forever the same, I’ll be to you
Through life, I’ll never change
And though I failed to get consent
Still to be yours is my intent
And you have no cause for to lament
Said the Blooming Flower of Grange

A thousand thanks, my hearts delight
My sorrow you have put to flight
Forever I’ll bless this glorious night
That brought this happy change
So come prepare and be my bride
Near Wexford town I do reside
Where the nuptial knot it will be tied
To the Blooming Flower of Grange


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Love and romance