Boatman of Lough Key


In the cold and silent churchyard, in a place called Ballindoone
There sleeps a famous boatman in a cold and silent tomb
He’s missed by all his many friends at home and overseas
And he’s missed by all the children, the boatman of Lough Key

On many a summer’s evening and Sunday afternoon
Jim Flynn, he sailed his pleasure boat along the shores of the Doon
Where crowds of tourists line the pier all anxious for to see
The many lovely islands in the waters of Lough Key

They proudly stepped on board with Jim and felt no hurt or harm
They knew he was a sailor bold who weathered many a storm
He take them ’round the islands and McDermott’s castle too
And he tell them all the legends as only he could do

Next came the shores of Rockingham and its lovely trees and lawns
He’d tell the tragic story of the charming Una Bawn
And take them to her resting place where she sleeps beneath the clay
Where the wild birds sing a requiem until the judgement day

Jim was a great historian, his likes was hard to find
When asked for his opinion, he would quickly speak his mind
’twas good to hear him tell the tales of Ireland long ago
That he heard from all the old folk ’round his native Carrigeenroe

The summer sun, it shines once more and the tourists line the shore
Their little boats swim o’er the waves, but Jim he is no more
The angels came and called him home for all eternity
For the Lord has found a better place for the boatman of Lough Key


Written by Josie McDermott  ?



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