Bold Doubtful News


Now Sheamus Clomnore can boast till he’s sore
Of his greyhounds of fame and renown
He’s a long way behind if he thinks we can’t find
Something better in sweet Clara town

For breed and for speed sure we have them indeed
No challenge we ere did refuse
There’s a dog of great fame and I’ll tell you his name
We call him the bold Doubtful News

At Castletown Park where he flew like a lark
For a hundred pound cup was the prize
They laughed at the fun when we said he could run
But our hero soon opened their eyes

From the County Kildare some good dogs came there
To our hero all comers went down
We changed all the fun when the cup, it was won
And brought to sweet Gama town

He’s a ‘brindIed and white’, his owner’s delight
His breeding the best to be found
You won’t find a flaw from his tail to his jaw
And his chest, it hangs close to the ground

His trainer is great, I am glad to relate
He handles this brute with such skill
He’s very well kept and can take any leap
And besides, he’s a demon to kill

Oh. sad be the day when his heart, it gives way
But. we’ll stuff his old‘ skin with the best.
We’ll make down the bed with the cup at his head
And how happy the creature will rest

Now let’s fill the cup and we’lI all drink a sup
And I know that no man will refuse
A toast, we will give that long may he live
The breeder of bold Doubtful News


Written by Joe Geoghegan of Clara, it is sung to the air of ‘Biddy Mulligan’

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