Bold Rake


I am a bold rake and this nation, I travelled all round
In search of a fair one, her equal was never yet found
She was neat in each limb and her skin far whiter than snow
And if I don’t gain her, quite crazy, to Bedlam I’ll go

One fine summer’s morning to Culgreany chapel I strayed
Where I fell a courting this innocent harmless maid
She was so fair a creature that I could, her senses beguile
I took her in my arms saying, ‘Darling, don’t leave me behind’

That very night, to the town of Roscrea, we did stray
And the night after that, in the sweet town of Thurles, we lay
When her money was out, it was then she began to condole
And I said, ‘My sweet fair maid, it’s better to part and go home’

‘O Johnny, if you leave me, that the great God may pity my moan
How could you deceive me and bring me so far from my home
You promised to marry me and never to alter your mind
That you’d wed lovely Sally and leave other sweethearts behind’

‘Indeed if I said it, I’m sure it was far from my heart
To wed lovely Sally and all other maids for to part
Let this be a warning to all other maids of your kind
To beware of a rake for a rambler will leave you behind

‘I will go to my clergy and tell him the bad life I led
Hoping for pardon for never with you could I wed
And if he forgives me, I’ll lead a correct sober life
I’ll go home to Long-acre and live with my own lawful wife’


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Rake and rogues