Bold Thady Quill


Ye maids of Duhallow who’re anxious for courtin’
A word of advice I will give unto ye,
Proceed to Banteer to the athletic sportin’
And hand in your names to the club committee
But do not commence any sketch of your progress
‘Till a carriage you see coming over the hill
And down thro’ the valleys and hills of Kilcorney
With that Muskerry sportsman the bould Thady Quill

For ramblin’, for rovin’, for football or courtin’
For drinkin’ black porter as fast as you’d fill
In all your days rovin’ you’d find none so jovial
As the Muskerry sportsman the bould Thady Quill

Thady was famous in all sorts of places
At the athletic meeting held out in Cloghroe
He won the long jump without throwing off his braces
Going fifty-four feet from the heel to the toe
At the put of the shot was a Dublin man foremost
But Thady out-reached and exceeded him still
Around the whole field rang the wild ringing chorus
‘Here’s luck to our hero, the bold Thady Quill’

At the great hurling match between Cork and Tipperary
‘Twas played in the park by the banks of the Lee
Our own darling boys were afraid of being beaten
So they send for bold Thady to Ballinalee.
He hurled the ball left and right in their faces
And showed those Tipperary boys learning and skill
If they came in his way, he surely would brain them
And the papers were full of the praise of Thade Quill

In the year ninety-one before Parnell was taken
Thade was outrageously breaking the peace
He got a light sentence for causing commotion
And six months hard labour for beatin’ police
But in spite of coercion, he’s still agitating
Each drop of his life’s blood, he’s willing to spill
To gain for old Ireland complete liberation
Till then, there’s no rest for the bold Thady Quill

At the Cork Exhibition, there was a fair lady
Whose fortune exceeded a million or more
But a bad constitution had ruined her completely
And medical treatment had failed o’er and o’er
‘Oh Mamma’, said she ‘I know what’ll cure me
And all me diseases most certainly kill
Give over your doctors, your potions and treatment
I’d rather one squeeze of the bold Thady Quill’

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