Boys of Tandragee


Good luck to you all, now barring the cat that sits in the corner a-smelling the rat
I wish you philandering girls would behave and saving your presence, I’ll chat you a stave
I come from the land where the praties grow big and the girls nice and handy can dance a fine jig
The boys they would charm your hearts for to see they’re rare and fine fellows round Tandragee

So here’s to the boys who are happy and gay
Singing and dancing and tearing away
Rollick some, frolicsome, frisky and free
We’re the rollicking boys around Tandragee

No doubt you have hear of Kilarney I’m sure and sweet Inishowen for the drop of the pure
Dublin’s the place for the Strawberry Beds and Donnybrook fair for the cracking of heads
Have you ever seen an Irishman dance a poltog now he faces his partner and turns up his brogue
Shakes at the buckle and bends at the knee they’re wonderful dancers round Tandragee

The oul’ jaunting-car is an elegant joult and Derry’s the place that is famed for the hoult
Among the green bushes that grow in Tyrone and the County Fermanagh for muscle and bone
But for feasting and blarney and fun at the fair there’s none to compare with the Rakes of Kildare
Old Ireland’s my country the gem of the sea but the gem of ould Ireland is Tandragee

And where is the man either Christian or Turk could equal the bold Robert Emmett or Burke
And where is the lawyer could speak up like Dan there’s divil another bad luck to the one
And where is the singer could sing like Tom Moore whose melodies charm every care from your door
We’ll beat them all yet boys and that you will see the raring fine fellas round Tandragee



Song Clip