Brackagh Hill


One night as I lay slumbering in my silent bed alone
Some rakish thoughts came in my head which caused me for to roam
To leave behind me my native town and the wee girl I adore
To take a trip as I saw fit, strange countries to explore

The night before I went away, I was walking over Brackagh Hill
I met my love upon the road and her eyes, with tears did fill
O Johnny dear she said, stay here and do not go away
For there’ll be none for comfort me when you are o’er the sea

I took her by her lily white hand and held her long and fast
My darling girl, I must away for our ship lies in Belfast
If you’ll prove constant, I’ll prove true, for you know I am well inclined
So we kissed, shook hands and parted, and I left my girl behind

And it’s when we landed in Greenock, sure the people all gathered round
They said I was a rakish lad come to cut their harvest down
They told me to return home and to never more be seen
So that very night I took my flight back to Erin’s lovely green

And when Mary heard her Johnny was home, her heart did leap with joy
She threw herself all in his arms saying, you’re my darling boy
O Johnny dear, I’m glad you’re here, for you I have thought long
So let them all say as they will, our wedding will go on

And Brackagh Hill is a lovely place with fine wee girls therein
You’d swear they were the nightingale when they sit down and sing
Where the salmon, trout do sport about ’round Lough Neagh’s verdant shore
So let them all say as they will, you are mine forever


Brackagh Hill is a small townland in Co. Tyrone near the shores of Lough Neagh

This song tells the story of a daring young man who took a notion to travel the world. He got as far asĀ Greenock in Scotland and returned home that evening after his globetrotting adventure.

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Song Themes

Love and romance