Brennan on the Moor


’tis of a brave young highwayman, this story I will tell
His name was Willie Brennan and in Ireland he did dwell
It was on the Killworth Mountain, he commenced his wild career
And many a wealthy nobleman before him shook with fear

It was Brennan on the Moor, Brennan on the Moor
Bold, brave and undaunted was young Brennan on the Moor

One day upon the highway, young Willie he went down
He met the mayor of Cashel a mile outside of town
The mayor, he knew his features, he said, ‘young man‘, said he
Your name is Willie Brennan, you must come along with me

Now Brennan’s wife had gone to town, provisions for to buy
And when she saw her Willie, she commenced to weep and cry
She said, ‘Hand to me that ten-penny’, as soon as Willie spoke
She handed him a blunderbuss from underneath her cloak

Now with this loaded blunderbuss, the truth I will unfold
He made the mayor to tremble and he robbed him of his gold
One hundred pounds was offered for his apprehension there
So he, with horse and saddle, to the mountains did repair

Now Brennan being an outlaw upon the mountains high
With cavalry and infantry, to take him they did try
He laughed at them with scorn until at last ’twas said
By a false-hearted woman, he was cruelly betrayed

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