As I strayed from my cot at the close of the day
It was about the beginning of June
By a jasmine shade, I espied a fair young maid
And she sadly complained to the moon

Roll on silver moon, guide the traveller on his way
While the nightingale’s song is in tune
But never again will my love and I stray
By the sweet silver light. of the moon

As the hart of the mountain, my love, he was brave
So handsome, so manly and clever
So kind and sincere and he loved me so dear
Oh Edwin, your equal was never

But now he dead and gone to his rest
Cut off like the rose in full bloom
He has fallen asleep and left poor Jane to weep
By the sweet silver light of the moon


Cappincur is a townland to the east of Tullamore in County Offaly.  I have not been able to find the writer of this verse, nor ascertain who Edwin and Jane were.  Over to all ye Tullamore detectives.

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Love and romance