At Carlingford there is a lough, the sea is deep and blue
And if you stroll by Carlingford, then take this thought with you
That you might see the lovers sigh beneath the deep as you go by
Or hear the wind give a eerie cry on high, at Carlingford

One moonlit night at Carlingford, two lovers, they did stray
Along the rocky rambling path that overlooks the bay
But jealous eyes were watching them, were watching them at Carlingford
And now the lovers lie undisturbed, deep down, at Carlingford

One and one are two, eyes are watching you
Two and two are four, sleep forevermore
Cold and dark is the ocean floor beneath the bay at Carlingford
Where cold winds blow down the face of Mourne
Deep down, at Carlingford

At Carlingford there is a wood, it overlooks the sea
The jealous lover died up there, a hanging from a tree
And if by chance you pass that way, then spare a thought for him and pray
For lovers sleeping down in the bay, deep down at Carlingford




Song Themes

Murder and mayhem


Reg Keating