Charlie Kerins, the Boy from Tralee


Emmet and Barry and the Manchester Martyrs
As comrade have met in the bright Halls above
Another young life has been laid down for Ireland
Another true heart full of faith and of love
With Barnes and MacCormick, he will live in our memory
And inspire us to fight on ‘til Ireland is free
A friend to the faithful, afoe to the traitor
Young Charlie Kerins, the Boy from Tralee

He spoke like a soldier, he stood like a true man
When the cravens condemned him to death and to shame
He followed the path of a long line of heroes
And Ireland forever shall honour his name
On a First Friday morning in the month of December
The hangman from England came over the sea
And traitors to Ireland wreaked vengeance and hatred
On young Charlie Kerins, the Boy from Tralee

God rest him tonight in the brightness of Heaven
God strengthen each true man to walk where he led
To raise up the standard of justice and freedom
And win for the living, the wage of the dead
When the rule of the traitors is ended forever
And the power of their masters from sea unto sea
We’ll praise the brave soldier of Poblacht na hEireann
Young Charlie Kerins, the Boy from Tralee


Charlie Kerins, born 23 January 1918, was a prominent Irish Republican who was convicted of the killing of policeman Dennis O’Brien. After spending two years on the run, he was captured by the Gardaí in 1944. Following his trial, he was hanged in Mountjoy Prison on 1 December 1944

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