Charming cailín rua


In Limerick town of high renown, a traveller passed along
He heard a maid complaining there in a low and mournful song
Saying ‘Donal won’t you come again ? Old Éireann is sure to view
Your Garryowen you love so well and your own dear cailín rua

I remember the day our flag ‘twas rained high over yon green wall
Happy then were you and I when we heard the bugle call
Oh happy each day that passed away until you bid adieu
For ever more to old Éireann’s shore and your own dear cailín rua

And ‘tis I can tell how you won and maimed on Flanders blood stained plains
And how you fought with the Old Brigade while bullets fell like rain
Oh you were brave and Limerick free, the day I stood by you
The day you stood mid smoke and blood by the side of your cailín rua

When the traveller heard of these mournful words, they pierced him to the core
‘Cause he knew of the lass he loved so well, he had loved in days of yore
He pulled aside the bushes then and when she came in view
He clasped her firmly to his breast, his handsome cailin rua


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Song Themes

Love and romance