City of Mullingar


Ye may strain your muscles to brag of Brussels
Of London, Paris or Timbuktu
Constantinople, or Sebastopol
Vienna, Naples or Tonga taboo
Of Copenhagen, Madrid, Kilbeggan
Or the capital of the Russian Czar
But they’re all inferior to the vast superior
And gorgeous city of Mullingar

That fair metropolis, so great and populous
Adorns the regions of sweet Westmeath
That fertile county which nature’s bounty
Has richly gifted with bog and heath
Those scenes so charming where snipes a-swarming
Attract the sportsman that comes from far
And whoever wishes may catch fine fishes
In deep Loch Owel near Mullingar

I could stray for ever by Brosna’s river
And watch its waters in the sparkling fall
And the ganders swimming and lightly skimming
O’er the crystal of the Royal Canal
Or on Thursdays wander ‘mid pigs so tender
And geese and turkeys on many a cart
Exchanging pleasantry with the fine bold peasantry
That throng the market at Mullingar

The scenes inspire me and with rapture fire me
To sing of buildings both old and new
The majestic court-house and the spacious workhouse
And the church and steeple which adorn the view
Then there’s barracks airy for the military
Where the brave repose from the toils of war
Five schools, a nunnery and a thriving tannery
In the gorgeous city of Mullingar

The railway station with admiration
I next must mention in terms of praise
Where trains a-rolling and engines howling
Strike each beholder with wild amaze
And then, there’s Main Street, that broad and clean street
With its rows of gas-lumps that shine afar
I could speak a lecture on the architecture
Of the gorgeous city of Mullingar

The men of genius contemporaneous
Approach spontaneous this favoured spot
Where good society and great variety
Of entertainment is still their lot
The neighbouring quality for hospitality
And conviviality unequalled are
And from December until November
There’s still diversion in Mullingar

Now, in conclusion I make allusion
To the beauteous females that here abound
Celestial creatures with lovely features
And taper ankles that skim the ground
But this suspends me, the theme transcends me
My muse’s powers are too weak by far
It would take Catullus likewise Tibullus
To sing the beauties of Mullingar


Song Clip