Claddagh boatman


I am a Claddagh boatman bold
And humble is my calling
From morn to night, from dark to light
In Galway Bay, I’m trawling
I care not for the great man’s frown
I ask not for his pity
My wants are few, my heart is true
I sing a boatman’s ditty

I have a fair and gentle wife
Her name is Eily Holway
With many a wile, and joke and smile
I won the pride of Galway
For twenty years, ‘mid hopes and fears
With her, I’ve faithful tarried
Her heart to-night is young and light
As when we first were married

I have a son, a gallant boy
Unstained by spot or speckle
He pulls and hauls and mends the trawls
And minds the other tackle
His mother says, the boy like me
Loves truth and hates all blarney
The neighbors swear, in Galway Bay
There’s not the like of Barney

Thank God, I have another child
Like Eily, lithe and slender
She clasps my knee and kisses me
With love so true and tender
Though wind will rage a howling blast
Upon the angry water
I ne’er complain of wind or rain
For I think of my little daughter

When Sunday brings the hours of rest
That sweet reward of labours
We cross the fields to early Mass
And walk home with our neighbours
Oh, would the rest of Erin’s sons
Were but like us united
To swear I’m lothe, but by my oath
Her name should not be slighted


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