Clare Morris


I was walking to town with the sun going down
My feet feeling sore from the mileage
I was covered in sweat and my clothes were all wet
Having spent the whole day making silage
When a lady drove up and she came to a stop
And says she “Are you going to Claremorris?”
Well, she shouted “Get in” with a cute little grin
And she told me that she was Clare Morris

She was lovely and fair and her first name was Clare
The daughter of big Mickey Morris
But the gleam in her eye was the real reason why
I fell madly in love with Clare Morris

Now her beauty was rare and I thought then and there
How lucky I was to have met her
But I felt ill at ease in my old dungarees
And my wellingtons often smelt better
Oh, but she was so neat from her head to her feet
So delightful, she looked very dishy
She was tastefully dressed and I sure was impressed
How she handled her new Mitsubishi

Now I’ll never forget the next time that we met
Big Tom and his band were in Midas
I was having a jar with the boys at the bar
She came over and stood right beside us
I was wearing a suit and a good dash of Brut
And considered myself quite the charmer
So I just couldn’t wait so I asked her up straight
‘Would you like to come home with a farmer ?’

Now says she with a laugh ‘Do you think I’m a calf
Or what is the cause of your hurry ?
Wouldn’t I be a twit to be covered in grit
And smelling like that awful slurry ?
If I gave you my hand, I’d own half your land
And I suppose you’d expect me to plough it
Now get on with your dance, you haven’t a chance
For my husband would never allow it’


Song Clip




John Duggan