Clongeel girl


One April morning as I roved out
Down by Blackwater’s side
To a gathering at a town nearby
A promise I did abide.
There stood a maiden dressed in white
With such beauty rarely seen
With short brown hair, blue eyes so fair
And her smile bestowed on me.

We met again in Ireland’s west
One evening in July
We talked and laughed at stories told
As the night went quickly by
Then I stared in her eyes, as if time stood still
I could not bare to decline
She took me by the hands
And slowly pressed her lips to mine

The summer sun was a guiding light
Towards the hills of green
As we went bound to Killarney town
To view the summer’s scene
We walked and gazed hand in hand
Hearing music sweet
Now the days have past, but the thoughts will last
Of those places where we’d meet

September came, the leaves did fall
As did my broken heart
On one sorrowful day, she said to me
That we would come to part
My shoulders bowed, my head hung low
My grief I could not hide
As I sleep and dream, the only way
That she’ll be by my side

I think of those summer days gone past
And that night on Galway’s street
As words cannot describe the way
She swept me off my feet
No sweeter lips, no pale blue eyes
Will I not compare to thee
In my heart will dwell, my Clongeel girl
Forever more to me


Written by Cathal Flood. Clongeel is located between Newmarket and Kanturk, County Cork, and is close to the Blackwater river.

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