County of Mayo


On the deck of Patrick Lynch’s boat I sat in woful plight
Through my sighing all the weary day and weeping all the night
Were it not that full of sorrow from my people forth I go
By the bless√®d sun, ’tis royally I’d sing thy praise, Mayo

When I dwelt at home in plenty, and my gold did much abound
In the company of fair young maids, the Spanish ale went round
‘Tis a bitter change from those gay days that now I’m forced to go
And must leave my bones in Santa Cruz, far from my own Mayo

They are altered girls in Irrul now; ’tis proud they’re grown and high
With their hair-bags and their top-knots, for I pass their buckles by
But it ‘s little now I heed their airs, for God will have it so
That I must depart for foreign lands and leave my sweet Mayo

‘Tis my grief that Patrick Loughlin is not Earl of Irrul still
And that Brian Duff no longer rules as Lord upon the hill
And that Colonel Hugh McGrady should be lying dead and low
And I sailing, sailing swiftly from the county of Mayo

Mayo 1

Songs of Mayo


Translated by George Fox from the Irish of  Thomas Lavelle.



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