Dalriada’s Grave


Morning dew descends
On Antrim’s tranquil glens
And Argyll’s rugged braes
Where Dalriada plays
From Lurig’s lofty slopes
To the frothy shores of Coll
The haunting tones resound
Of Dalriada’s song

As Celtic harpers played
Their beguiling sounds entranced
And druids made their way
To Dalriada’s dance
I beheld her charming smile
One early summer night
Then watched her fade away
By fiery Beltane light

Now peaceful calm prevails
But her echoes still remain
As whispers from her grave
Lament me in my dreams
From the misty moors of Skye
To the gentle swell of Moyle
A lonely sadness bides
Since Dalriada’s gone



Written by Éamonn Kinnie, a native of Belfast now living in Donegal

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