Dan O'Hara


Sure it’s poor I am today for God gave and took a way
And he left without a home poor Dan O’Hara
With these matches in my hand in the frost and snow I stand
So it’s here I am today your broken hearted

Cushla gra mo craoi, won’t you buy a box from me
And have the prayers of Dan from Connemara
Sure I’ll sell them cheap and low, buy a box before you go
From the broken-hearted farmer Dan O’Hara

In the year of sixty four, I had acres by the score
And the grandest land you ever ran a plough through
But the landlord came, you know, and he laid our old home low
So it’s here I am today your broken-hearted

For twenty years or more, did misfortune cross our door
And my poor old wife and I were sadly parted
We were scattered far and wide and our children starved and died
So it’s here I am today your broken-hearted

Tho’ in frost and snow I stand, sure the shadow of God’s hand
Lies warm about the brow of Dan O’Hara
And soon with God above, I will meet the ones I love
And I’ll find the joys I lost in Connemara

Galway 1

Songs of Galway


dan o'hara cottageDan O’Hara lived with his wife and seven children in a tiny cottage in Connemara. They were self-sufficient until they were evicted in 1845 for failing to pay exorbitant rent demands. Dan, his wife and seven children  worked their passage on an emigrant ship bound for New York. Sadly, his wife and three of his children died on the journey. On arrival in New York, his four surviving children were fostered out to American families, Dan spent the remaining years of his life selling matches on  the streets of New York, The Dan O’Hara Heritage Centre is built on the site of his original cottage home in Connemara.

Clip – Tom Donovan