Dandelion Market


Saunter all down by the old market square
You’re bound to find someone you know rightly there
There’s shops and there’s stalls of all kinds down the lane
In the Dandelion Market sure nothing’s the same

The buskers are playing guitars
Mandolins and singing their songs
The damsels in distress
The artist, he sketches portraits
There are ladies undies on display
The likes I’ve ne’er seen in my hay day
And to beat it all on another stall
You have copper and brass on display

Buy some waffles and fill them with jam
There’s a gypsy and she’ll read your palm
There are boots and there’s plenty of clogs
To fit all the shapes that ever was
In Betty’s shop, things are second time round
If you’re after a swag or to part with your pound
On every stall you can have a ball
Inside of the Dandelion Market


Song Clip