Dawning of the day (Fainne geal on lae)


One morning early I walked forth
By the margin of Lough Leane
The sunshine dressed the trees in green
And summer bloomed again
I left the town and wandered on
Through fields all green and gay
Who should I meet but a colleen sweet
At the dawning of the day

No cap or cloak this maiden wore
Her neck and feet were bare
Down to the grass in ringlets fell
Her glossy golden hair
A milking pail was in her hand
She was lovely, young and gay
She wore the palm from Venus bright
By the dawning of the day

Where are you going my pretty maid
Where are you going so soon?
I’m going to milk my cow, kind sir
It being in the month of June
The pasture that my cow feeds on
It lies so far away
I’ve must be there each morning fair
At the dawning of the day

On a mossy bank I sat me down
The maiden by my side
With gentle words I courted her
Asked her to be my bride
She said, "Young man don't bring me blame"
And swiftly turned away
The morning light was shining bright
At the dawning of the day


Written by Thomas Connellan who was a blind Harper from the Sligo area.
Lough Lene (Irish: Loch LĂ©inn) is a lake situated in north of Westmeath between the villages of Castlepollard, Collinstown and Fore.

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