Dear old city by the Lee


Dear old city by the Lee
What I would not give to be
Rolling home by your sunny hills and dales
Listening to the merry chimes
As we did in days gone by
When our hearts were full of liberty.

Montenotte and St. Luke’s
They might attract your looks
Fair Lane, Barrack Street and Evergreen
From the Courthouse to the College
They teach different sorts of knowledge
But yet the half of Cork you have not seen

On we go or so they say
There is the famed Coal Quay
There’s a restaurant there that’s famous for pigs’ feet
Where you’ll get a feather bed
And a fine feed of pig’s head
But don’t forget to pay before you leave

In the merry month of June
At the rising of the moon
As we walk up Shandon Street to sweet Blackpool
They have medals by the score
Won eight ‘counties’ in a row
And here’s to the boys of sweet Blackpool

And now before we finish
We’ll have a pint of Beamish
Murphy and Guinness is good too
But I’ll never forget the oil
I had with Connie Doyle
The night we won the Junior County Cup


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