Dear oul’ Dublin


Don’t mind all that blarney of lovely Killarney
Nor sigh for the beauties of Kerry
Don’t seek to go west in a white bawneen vest
Nor think only Cork girls are merry
A very nice place with its river an lakes
Is Limerick and so’s Donegal
But to keep yer heart bubblin’ just see dear oul’ Dublin
For Dublin’s the best of them all
Oh, Dublin’s the best of them all

I’m a Dublin bargee and I travel, y’ see
With a cargo of turf on me boat
And when folks ax in jest, what’s the place I like best
I tell them to listen and note

Every Saterday night, sure I feel gay and bright
And me pals and I joke and we talk
We meet girls that we know at the fine G.P.O.
And mosy down Bachelor’s Walk

I may take a few jars with me butties in bars
‘Twud be dry fun without e’er a wet
For the horses and dogs, I’ve oft pawned me togs
Like some chaps will do for a bet

Now, on Dollymount Strand, I’ve spent days so grand
When we swam out from off the Bull Wall
And we argue for gas would it e’er come to pass
We’d see the Lagoon built at all

In the town of Athlone, lives a widow alone
And she has a great ‘failte’ for me
While sweet Eileen asthore from outside Tullamore
Said to wed me, she’d surely agree

Then in Carlow, there’s Kate, with a form trim and nate
All her folks want to fix up the day
And in far Killaloe, there’s a dark colleen, who
Believes o’er me heart she holds sway

Tho’ I go far afloat on me oul’ canal boat
And I meet with fair colleens galore
Yet I always return to me own Magser Byrne
Who waits for me near Inchicore


Words by Fay Sargent – Music by Noel Pierce

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