Dobbin's flowery vale


One morning fair as Phoebus bright
Her radiant smiles displayed
When Flora in her verdant garb
The fragrant plains arrayed
As I did rove throughout each grove
No care did me assail
When a pair I spied by a riverside
In Dobbin’s flowery vale

As I sat down them to behold
Beneath a spreading tree
The limpid streams that gently rolled
Conveyed these words to me
Farewell sweet maid, the youth he said
For now I must set sail
I’ll bid adieu to Armagh, and you
And Dobbin’s flowery vale

Forbear those thoughts and cruel words
That wound a bleeding heart
For is it true that we’re met here
Alas! so soon to part ?
Must I alone here sigh and moan
To none my grief reveal
But here lament, my cause to vent
In Dobbin’s flowery vale ?

There’s many a youth has left his home
To steer for freedom’s shore
Been laid beneath the silent tomb
Where the foaming billows roar
Take my advice, do not forsake
Or leave me to bewail
But still remain with your fond dame
In Dobbin’s flowery vale

Unwilling I am to part with you
No longer can I stay
For love and freedom cries “pursue”
Those words I must obey
In foreign isles where freedom smiles
Or by the earth concealed
I will come home, no more to roam
From Dobbin’s flowery vale

It’s when you reach Columbia’s shore
Some pretty maids you’ll see
You’ll ne’er think on the loving vow
That you have made to me
May hope content life’s ending pain
My thoughts would oft prevail
Of seeing no more, the youth I adore
In Dobbin’s flowery vale

Do not reflect that you’re alone
Nor yet am I untrue
If e’er I chance now for to roam
My thoughts will be on you
There’s not a flower in shady bower
On verdant hill or dale
But will remind me of the maid behind
In Dobbin’s flowery vale

It’s mutual love together drew
Both with a kind embrace
While tears like rosy drops of dew
Did trickle down her face
She strove in vain him to detain
But while she did bewail
He bade adieu, and I withdrew
From Dobbin’s flowery vale


Leonard Dobbin was a man of influence and means in the city of Armagh at the beginning of the nineteenth century. He built a large part of Dobbin Street in Armagh, and laid out lands along the banks of the Ballinahone River in plantation and pleasant walks.

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