Dollymount Strand


Dollymount Strand on a cold winter’s night
I put on the hand brake and switched out the light
I looked at me Mot and said “Aye, are you right?”
Meself and the architect’s daughter

But the sea, oh the sea, it crept up on me
And the water was risin’ up quite rapidly
I sez to the mot “Get your hand off me knee
“Can’t you see we’re surrounded by water

I switched on the ignition and put it in gear
Could I get it movin’, lads hold not a fear
Not if I was there for the next bloody year
There was sand in the old carburetor

With water, the car soon filled to the brim
I sez to the Mot “Dear, the chances are slim.
“So love, get them off here, we’ll both have to swim.
So I let down the window and scampered

So if ever you down to Dollymount Strand
Be sure that the tide’s out and everything’s grand
For a bird in the bush is worth two in the hand
Regardless to what you are after


Song Clip