Donegal Breeze


With your dark hair in the Donegal breeze
Bringing me soft ly and sweetly to the ground
But there’s madness in the sycamore trees
And there’s no salvation to be found

Right now, the only things that my mind ever holds
Are long dark silences or screaming that explodes
Burning, rocking beds with visions of a land
Long dark tunnels, questions and calm
But with you, you know I have no doubts
And fear will have no sting
With your brilliant eyes and your lost and broken wing
My head upon your shoulder as you take me in your arms
Continents will crumble, we will find no harms

Well, I’ll brace myself against the dark, endeavour to go on
No matter how long it takes and even though I might be wrong
And I will ask a little favour of whatever God I find
And I will come back for you darling, when I find some peace of mind

Well I don’t know about tomorrow, it will be here and gone
I don’t know about tonight, it’ll just be too long
Sometimes I think I’m dying and I don’t care how
All I know is that I want you and I want you here and now.


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Love and romance