Doran's ass


One Paddy Doyle lived in Killarney
He courted a girl called Biddy O’Toole
Her tongue was tipped with a bit of the blarney
The same to Pat was a golden rule
Day and dawn, she was his colleen
Pat was often heard to say
“Arrah, what’s the use of me walking faster ?
Biddy, she will meet me on the way”

Whack fol loora loora lido
Whack fol loora loor I day

One heavenly night in dull November
The moon shone dearly from above
The night it was I don’t remember
Pat sought out to meet his love.
This boy to-day had drunk some liquor
His spirits being light and gay
Fatigue and whisky overcome him
Pat lay down upon the way

Pat lay down in gentle slumber
Thinking of his Bridget dear
Dreaming of pleasures without number
Thinking of her coming near
But he was not long without a comrade
And one that could toss up the hay
For an old jackass had smelled of Paddy
And he laid beside him on the way

Pat snugged and he hugged this hairy devil
And threw his head to the world of care
Says Pat “She’s mine, may the heavens bless her
But by my soul she’s like a bear”
Pat put his head on the donkey’s forehead
And then the ass began to bray
Pat he yelled and screamed out “Murder
Who has served me in such a way ?”

Pat jumped up and off he ran
At railroad speed and faster too
He never stopped neither hand nor foot
Till he arrived at Bridget’s door
By this time it was getting morning
Pat fell on his knees to pray
Saying “Open the door, my Bridget darling
I’m killed, I’m murdered on the way”

Pat told his story mighty civil
While Biddy prepared a whisky glass
How he hugged and he snugged that hairy devil.
“Go along” says Biddy “It was Doran’s ass”
“I knew it was, my Bridget darling”
They both got married that same day
But Pat he never saw his old straw hat
For the jackass eat it on the way.


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