Drowning of Young Robinson


In the parish of Seagoe in the County of Armagh
Two boys went out fowling one evening in frost
As down the Bann meadows, they quickly did run
Each boy, he had with him his dog and his gun

The steamboat passed down a few days ago
The ice, it was broken, these boys did not know
They boldly stepped forward and then plunged in
To the bottom went Robinson but Best, he could swim

Then down came Sloan Woolsey with ropes in his hand
But he could get no further than the edge of the Bann
‘Sloan Wooisey. Sloan Wooisey, your ropes are in vain
I’ve been twice at the bottom and l’rn now going again’

Then down came his mother in grief and despair
She was ringing her hands and tearing her hair
‘Sloan Woolsey. Sloan Woolsey. where is my dear son?’
‘He’s gone to the bottom with his dog and his gun’

Early next morning on the banks of the Bann
Where Dean Blacker’s Yeomen around him did stand
With poles on their shoulders, they bore him along
With the Dean at their head, they were singing their psalms

Eight hundred Orangemen all stood in a ring
Where the orange and the purple from their left breasts did hang
They whispered round slowly and each waved his hand
Adieu men for ever, adieu to the Bann


Seagoe is a parish in the union of Lurgan in County  Armagh. It is bounded on the west by the river Bann. 

Seagoe Parish Church

Seagoe Parish Church

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