Dublin Bay


He sailed away in a gallant bark
Roy Nelll and his fair young bride
He had ventured all in that bounding ark
That danced o’er the sliver tide
But his heart was young and his spirit light
And he dashed the tear away
As he watched the shore recede from sight
Of his own sweet Dublin Bay

Three days they sailed, and a storm arose
And the lightning swept the deep
And the thunder-crash broke the short repose
Of the weary sea-boy’s sleep
Roy Nelll, he clasped his weeping bride
And he kissed her tears away
“Oh, love, ’twas a fatal hour” she cried
“When we left sweet Dublin Bay”

On the crowded deck of the doomed ship
Some stood in their mute despair
And some, more calm, with a holy lip
Sought the God of the storm in prayer
“She has struck on the rock” the seamen cried.
In the breath of their wild dismay
And the ship went down and the fair young bride
That sailed from Dublin Bay


Written by Crofton

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